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Feedle is an idea for an event planning app. The whole thing was proposed by Nacho Álvarez, basically trying to solve organizational problems. We looked for an attractive aesthetic, trying not to fall into the common and popular apps. The idea was to use a flat paddle with warm pastel colors.

"A single platform for events where attractiveness is the event.."

Less is more

The colors and shapes on it shouldn't distract the user, or even generate "noise" -or any difficulties of interpretation-. This app should be simple, focused and concise. In this cases we remember Mies van der Rohe saying «Less is more».

The main color palette includes the following colors:

#FF666 #6443AD


After defining the colors, we started with the logo; to generate an attractive brand to our target audience, its identity had to match current trends. We decided to try a logo without isotype and completely build on text. In this case the best option matching the pastel colors was a calligraphic layout. That breaks the rigid and formal layout and is ideal for enhancing the implementation to a more casual audience, and thus exclude corporate events and boring meetings.Integrated with the colors of the brand, and also with the correct stroke width, the final logo looks like this:

Creating The UI

According to the flow of the app, there will be two types of users: those who create an event and those who receive an event invitation. Then, thinking about the user experience, we resolved to group all views in two templates, and -to make it more friendly-, we divided the "create event" form in three simple steps: set name, place and date

The user interface should be simple, without elements that can distract or annoy the target audience. Transitions will be added to generate a smooth navigation, but the animations, icons and ornamental elements are reserved for confirmation screens, or modal windows if necessary.

The Outcome

Finally, and to contrast a bit with the main color used in the "event creations" views, the confirming and sharing steps will use the secondary color. Thus the cycle of creation is closed, and entered the stage of confirming and sharing.