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Split Design

Split Design is a furniture design company, that aims to esthetic solutions with a high understanding of materials and vocation for design. Based on a minimalist philosophy, which aims to create products that are part of the lives of users.

It's first product line is called Home, -home is-... the creation of a concept, building safety and warmth we need as individuals. Where we generate our first memories, where we write our history. The place we design to our liking. These company products are those accompanying the story. ... -where our story Begins-.


Communication Strategy

This project was one of the longest in terms of image development. Our job went from redesigning the logo, to the development of the website, through stationery items, product catalogs, flyers, brochures and material samples. Even lay out the pieces in real scale, generating a book of the process, and a manual for the company brand.

First of all, the new identity system should offer a professional image and should be presented with various applications referring to the versatility of the company, with high contrast and emphasis on geometric shapes. The unity on the graphics must be achieved and maintained through common elements such as colors, shapes and diagonals, and composition.


Concept summary

Innovation: this concept aims to be the strongest of the company to compete in the market, innovating in design, materials and how they handle them. We'll accomplish this through the graph using less traditional solutions based on the contrast, to represent the values of the company and each single product.

Quality and Craft: in this case the quality of its products is directly linked with the traditional process. This party seeks to emphasize on uses of the brand. 


Morphological party

Typography: the selected font seeks to highlight the concepts of quality and innovation. It remains for all product lines as an element of cohesion among them.

Chroma: the black and white colors were selected for use of the brand. And a palette of three colors with high contrast between them was selected for different applications. PANTONE® 191 C, PANTONE 298 C, 339 C PANTONE®.

Textures: the palette of textures seeks to reflect the spirit of the company. Looks for the contrast with the geometric and rigid.

Icons: system arises icons to identify different types or categories of products. The typology of them is common for all product lines and must follow the geometric lines of the brand.


Typographic Palette

Typefaces bring personality to the brand, they give real character and transmit the values of the company. Imaginatively used, the fonts can express emotions and create sensations. It has been selected as the main typography the Libertad family in its different versions.

Libertad was created in 2014 by Fernando Diaz.


Color Palette

Once established the main colors of the brand, hexadecimal colors are defined for digital use and percentages of inks for four-color printing.


Textures Palette


Icon Palette

Morphological Development Party


The main goal of this piece is to create a symbol that identifies the brand transmitting the values that define it. The proposed logo for the company presents simple and geometric. Looking playful and emphasizing the idea of division, but without losing the formal character it deserves.

For a correct construction of the basic elements of visual identity, We established a quota system from the elementary unit X, whose multiples narrow the dimensional structure of the basic module and the location of the elements that build the brand logo.

The font used as a starting point is "Libertad" in its Bold version. The height of the capital is 10x and lengths will be determined in the sketch below. The spatial relationships between logo and text are presented in this section and must always be respected in order to ensure proper brand building.

The correct conjugation of the logo and all the elements result in the brand. The main version of it is reflected below

The brand in the main version will be played in one ink:
Black in their corresponding percentages. In the version in negative black ink will be used for background.

It may be the case, for various reasons, need to play the brand in one color. For these situations, the following examples will be used.

It requires a space cushion around the logo, that space can't be invaded by text, image or other graphic elements, in order to preserve the readability and understanding of it. The red area shown is the minimum space to be met for that purpose. It is set to three times the X, where X is the grid unit taken as the basis for brand building.


Promotional Shirts

Three T-shirts as a collection, printed in 2 colors silkscreen arise.


Business Cards

Printed with two Offset inks on 300g paper. One for each member of the board of the company and one generic, three options are discussed.


Product Flyer

It is a triptych printed four-color Offset of 25.5cm wide and 18cm high. The closed piece must be 8.5cm wide and 18 cm high. It is planned to support paper weights between 90g and 120g least most. The cover has contents that refer to the line that is promoted. In the first folio all institutional information will be included. Inside the flyer will be the detail of the product line presented, including images and prices.


Product Catalog

Book four-color Offset printed with veneers 20cm wide and 18cm high and in digital format for distribution via email. The printed version must be on paper of not less than 120g weight. Each of the catalogs show a cover or image of an exhibition stand where all the products of the line appear. Then pass the photographic detail of every product in it, including finally possible termination options that apply.


Price Tags

Tags for furniture will be printed in one ink on paper or paperboard weighing more than 300g. As prices vary between different types of product, rather it is left to paste a simple price sticker, without interfering with the proposed design.



A series of posters is created as a collection and promotion of the product line and also the brand. Each poster will be printed in just two colors, using the ones defined for the brand. The pieces will only contain typographical content and, each, a phrase that alludes to the spirit of the line and the company along with a descriptive text about the products and Split Design.



The site is like a digital catalog, the covers of different product lines with their banners are displayed first and then the detail in the "store" section to get to the product itself with its options and details of sale. Users can purchase through the product knowing the other whole range of products and or development projects. It has a responsive layout to fits any digital medium and the shopping cart will be available only for the desktop versions.

The Outcome

Beyond the initial difficulties, it was possible to create a coherent system in the graphic and the concept for the company and its product line. Graphical unity between the different parts is generated, and concepts that they seek to represent are strengthened. Raised pieces are a reflection of this, as each adopts its own identity without losing the thread connector. In addition, using geometric shapes, diagonals and fonts of varying weight, the contrast is captured.

On the other hand, the choice of institutional colors manages to generate a break between the organic and natural products, and synthetic and abstract graphic pieces. With this accomplished enhance the visual impact of parts and also the natural and handmade products of Split Design.